Welcome to One Piece Romance Dawn Menu Translation for PSP.

Playing Final Fantasy Type-0 ohh yeah
you can get it now (patch the is not the .iso)
must use PRO CFW to run these game

Well f*** me my laptop hard drive just broke so most of my progress has been lost last night and I couldn't fixed ;(
Good thing I made a backup on my PSP though not as good as the one I lost
The world hates me.

Hey guys, progress is so slow now cause I'm currently a working student. Don't worry I haven't forgot about it though.


Will it work these time
Of course

Do I like transparent theme? yes I do, 3 days of working on these template and I finally manage it.
Gotta learn more about CSS/HTML.

Jezz by re installing Google Chrome again it work again. Though I like the new feature on speaker tab.

Why does google always riuned things up. Can't watch youtube video using Google Chrome it just stay at black screen with sounds. Will I'm using FireFox.